TheMISSIONARY’S PURSE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL organises crusades in cities and villages with the aim of spreading the gospel.

WE also give

Free medical services and provision of food and clothing materials

We have childrenwho goes for mission too

being able to work for God is fun

Your support is needed for God's work

Prayer corner

Do you have a prayer need? something you want us to join you in praying about? Just click on the button below and fill the form. Your prayer will be attended to and God will answer you feel free to share your testimonies as the Lord answers. You are blessed.



Support our Mission Work

You could support us financially: Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or as the Lord leads. All donations can be paid to FCMB, Account Number 4736217016.





We are mandated to undertake the preaching and spreading of the Gospel to the fortified places of the earth, by organising crusades in cities and villages.

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We render welfare services to villagers with the aim of getting them saved. Free medical services and provision of food and clothing materials. The bible says “But who so hath this word’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?”1 John 3:17.God’s endtime Church shall be built by the instrumentality of love is a prophetic statement that is upheld by the Missionary Purse Ministry International.


The media units is responsible for the Ministries Publications. In this unit we have tracts publications, books and also the drama unit with the aim of spreading the good news of the Kingdom.